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The IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) is an organization open to riders in grades 4-12. Teams can consist of riders from middle school (grades 4-8), high school (9-12) or both. Midcoast Maine Equestrian Team has both a middle and a high school team. The entire team practices and shows together. 

Virginia has coached the IEA since 2012. 

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  • Join the team

    Lessons: $45

    Membership: $60

    Middle and high school students are welcome to join the team beginning in June. Riders are not required to own their own horse; however for the safety of the rider, they must take a minimum of one lesson per week with Virginia throughout the season. Based on the lesson, Virginia will be able to appropriately place the rider in the correct classes.

    To sign up, go to the IEA website and click the "join now" button, then "rider," then "Midcoast Maine" as your team, and finally, select your appropriate level based on your grade during the next school year. Memberships must be printed, signed by parent and rider, and given to Virginia for final submission. 

  • Competition opportunities

    Coaching: $60

    Class: $40/class 

    Typical Show Day: $100 - $140

    Each team is able to compete in as many shows as they are able to each season, while each rider may compete in up to five, earning points toward qualifying for the IEA post-season. Shows start in September and run through February. Shows are typically held in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

    Riders are responsible for:

    • Show and coaching fees at each competition

    • Transportation to and from shows; carpooling is encouraged

    • Appropriate show attire - breeches/jodhpurs, boots, shirt, and coat

    Riders who qualify for post-season showing will be required to pay for classes.

  • Team expectations

    Fun: FREE!

    • Throughout the year, several fundraising events are held. All team members are requires to attend.

    • There are often calls for parental involvement at fundraising events, shows held at Stonewall Stables, and shows held elsewhere. While it is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged that parents volunteer to help whenever possible.

    • Attendance at shows is crucial to the success of the team and mandatory unless previous arrangements have been made with Virginia.

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