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  • Virginia Shaw, BTB Trainer

It's Showtime!

The season is here! We are all ready to hit the road and showcase what we have been working on all winter! Show season is here! Here are a few tips and tricks for getting back going after a long winter:

1. Have your show stuff organized and cleaned Many of my horses have show stuff aside from their schooling stuff. Before they head out to the show I always make sure their show equipment is clean and ready. This also includes wraps for trailering, saddle pads, and all equipment I am taking to the show. For example, I don’t want to pull out my lunge line and find out its broken when I go to lunge a horse at the show. Make sure you have all the meds you need, saddle pads, extra halter, and anything you can think of. No one wants to get to a show and find out they forgot something. I would rather over pack than under, especially because the products at the show can typically be more expensive. 2. Try everything on After a long winter make sure you try on all your stuff! New styles of clothes and show attire are always coming out so make sure everything you need to wear fits! It would be super stressful to wake up and have your show stuff either not fit or have a tear or something that wasn’t fixable at 5am. There will always be stressors at shows so having your attire organized takes one worry away. 3. Paperwork Matters Every show you attend no matter what discipline requires paperwork. Memberships, vet records, etc. Have that organized and somewhere you can get your hands on it quickly, even if it’s a photo on your phone. Paperwork can be a pain and time consuming, find time to have it all done before your first show. This can also save you some money! You can avoid some fees having your entries and paperwork done and turned in early. (Side note: Also have some respect for you vet. Don’t call them a few days before the show and ask them for a Coggins, vaccines, and health certificate. Give advanced notice, they will thank you.) 4. Have a Plan

Make the time to meet with your trainer and have a plan. Walking into the show knowing what to expect makes things easier and helps things go smoothly. Know the classes you are doing, have a Plan A and a Plan B, (sometimes you need a Plan C, D, E lol)! Having a plan allows you to feel confident and keep some of the nerves at bay.

5. Have fun We all know showing can be stressful. It can also be fun! The art is in the preparation. Take the time to have everything you need ready so you can get to the show and just enjoy. You guys have heard me say before you are never really ready to show.

There are so many things beyond our control, however to have the things we can control organized and ready makes the experience better for us and our horses.

Happy Horsin’

~ Virginia

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