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  • Virginia Shaw, BTB Trainer

Watch Your Mouth

It is a proven fact that what we speak is more likely to manifest because our brains process what we say much differently than that we think. For example, if I say out loud, “I suck at math.” I probably suck at math! It certainly doesn’t mean I can’t get better at it, however my limiting belief that I suck will be the driving force when it comes to a math problem.

Let’s think about this when it comes to our horses and our riding ability.

Now that we have established that we say has power, what do you find yourself saying about yourself, your horse, or you riding ability? As a trainer here are some of the things I hear: “My horse is a wild one!” “I sucked in my lesson today.” I don’t know why I ride so badly.” “When will I ever get it!” “My horse is spooky.” “My horse doesn’t like to jump the scary jumps” “My horse is stubborn.” “I will never be able to… fill in the blank.”

Truthfully, this list could go on and on! Even I’m guilty of it. Here’s my point: if we could flip the script and think of all the things we can do and the ability our horses do have, there is a good chance we will see progress and perhaps even experience more positive outcomes than negative. We all have the ability to change how we see our horses and ourselves, so watch your mouth.

Happy Horsin’


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